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Led Fish Bite Alarm

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Color: Black
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You will NEVER miss a fish again with an alarm like this. Imagine how many times you've lost your bait or its been nibbled off. The LED & Sound Alarm is your perfect fishing companion. Whether you need to cast and set another rod, or you want to have a relaxed fishing session with friends, this alarm will make sure that no fish gets away. The alarm is 
extremely sensitivemeaning you will be aware of even the smallest nibbling or biting on your bait. 


High Pitch Noise Alarm - The LED Fish Bite Alarm makes a high pitch noise as well as the LED light, this means that even if you are not looking you will never miss a fish.

Works With Any Rod - The Great thing about the alarm is that it works with any rod. You never have to be concerned about compatibility. Just grab your rod, reels, lines, hooks, bait & alarms and off you go.

No Damage To Your Equipment - Because of its simply clip on nature, it never damages any of your equipment. You can attach it or remove it in seconds.

Great For Fishing With Multiple Rods - It doesn't matter how many rods you are fishing with, you can attach an alarm to each one and fish knowing that you haven't missed any fish whatsoever.


Package & Specifications:

Color: Black
Alerts: Audio and Visual
Material: Plastic
Weight: 50g(approx)
Item Includes: 1 x Fishing Bite Alarm